About us

Who are we?

"An organization, no matter how well it is designed, is only as good as the people who work and live in it." Dee Hock, VISA founder

What do we believe in?


In long-lasting relationships of trust, loyalty, dedication and excellence.


In teamwork, knowledge management, continuous training and investment in information technology.


In ethical and social commitment, in the management of the impact of our activity on society and in an action based on good faith, integrity and common sense.


Lawyers have a responsibility to society. We cannot be absent from the debates on major social issues, we must give our opinion and contribute to improve our legal system, as a system of coexistence, in the constant search for social peace, solidarity and justice.

Our commitment

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards, both in the interests of our clients and our employees, and in the interests of society in general.


Respect, integrity, transparency, loyalty, ethics, excellence, professionalism, confidentiality, social responsibility and ... enthusiasm, lots of enthusiasm.

Pro Bono Programme

Our Pro Bono Programme promotes and funds the participation of all lawyers in free advice, advocacy and training activities for non-profit groups or entities.

Knowledge sharing

We promote and finance the participation of our lawyers in activities for the dissemination and knowledge of law. We actively participate in university training programmes for access to the legal profession. By sharing knowledge we collaborate in the improvement of our legal system and promote the development, coexistence and progress of society.

"Don't look for justice in statistics".

Independence, critical spirit and freedom of thought.

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